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Upper body Muscles used in Nordic Walking

Posted by energygroup on September 18, 2009

SM_WEB_Nordic-Walking-PhotoIn a previous blog, I wrote about the benefits of walking with Poles or Nordic Walking.  Today I’ll expand on the muscles used in the upper body:

What muscles are working to increase the upper body strength?

  • Triceps: this is the muscle located at the back of the arm between the shoulder joint and elbow joint
  • Latissmus Dorsi: large muscle located on your back about half way down
  • Rhomboids: this is the muscle used to hold the shoulder blades (Scapula) together.  We work on posture while we are walking so we tend to stand a lot taller and straighter holding the shoulder blades together
  • Anterior Deltoid: this muscles is located at the front of the shoulder.  We use this muscle to bring the arm forward.

Therefore, in a 60 minute walk we’re not only increase our heart rate and working out heart we’re also working on upper body strength.  This can be a big time saver for people who are short on time!

Energy Group Fitness offers 3 week sessions to learn how to Nordic Walk.  For more information please visit Energy Group Fitness Website.

Have a lovely day and weekend!

Cheers, Angie
Get fit, keep fit and have fun doing it!


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